The Happy Transgender Center is now officially CLOSED. This website will go down on
07/30/2016. Please email for Trans-surgery scholarship info.

Founded by Rizi Xavier Timane, Ph.D,
Transgender Coach, Minister and Pre-Licensed
Psychotherapist  (ACSW #60887)

My dearest clients and friends, as 2016 progresses, I have found that I must respond to yet another dear Life calling and this means after 7 years, it is now time to say goodbye to the Center. I will continue to see clients in my capacity as a Pre-Licensed Psychotherapist at the L A Gender Center where I have weekend appointments available. I work out of the Encino office on Saturdays and from the Westwood office on Sundays and I take appointments ranging from 9am through to 9pm in order to ensure all clients can get a suitable hour for their sessions with me. Please note that I will continue to personally provide for the annual Transgender Surgery Scholarship as I have done for the past 2 years as I feel truly blessed and lucky in life and this scholarship allows me to fulfill my spiritual need to give back to the universe that has been so kind to me throughout my life.  This site will eventually shut down so please bookmark me at the LA Gender Center link here

It is goodbye from the Center but still a big "hello" from me. I will always be there for my Trans community so reach out to  me directly about the scholarship or anything else at
I've got you!
May God and the kind universe we live in, bless you eternally.

I love and appreciate you all.